E3 2009 / Lost Planet 2 shows us the goods

Capcom has graced the world with a new trailer and a whole bunch of screenshots of the absolutely stunning Lost Planet 2, and I couldn’t be happier. If you haven’t seen some of the new media, frankly the game only roughly resembles a sequel to Lost Planet at all. It takes place about 10 years after the original game and snow is no longer a factor, having melted to reveal broken urban landscapes and lush tropical jungles. It features 4-player co-op as well as single-player with AI bots, and also lets you customize your character for both single and multiplayer. Weapon customization and unlocks accompany leveling up, making this a pretty full featured third-person action title with RPG elements.

What you notice right away in watching any of the new videos about Lost Planet 2 is how gorgeous it is, and that you fight enormous bosses with three of your friends using mechs. If that sentence doesn’t get you pumped up to game, I don’t know what will. The new things in this E3 trailer include: airships, energy shields, a rail gun sniper rifle, a Midgard-like train station, some vertical platforming, canons, and of course riding on your friends mech while firing wildly.

I really can’t say enough good things about this game, I hope our boys on the ground in LA get to play it today to tell us more.