Updated / E3 2009 / New Castlevania announced

Update: Added video after the break.

Original story: Kojima Productions has been working on four games recently. There are the three Metal Gear Games (an arcade was just announced too, but more on that later) and Castle – effing – vania! Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is being produced by Kojima Productions, and should hit in 2010.

The game has some pretty heavy hitters coming with it as the trailer featured Patrick Stewart, Robert Carlysle, Jason Isaacs and Natasha McElhone. It also looks like a brand new take on the series as the game is going back once again to try its luck in the realm of the third dimension. Previous jumps to 3D for the Castlevania series have not fared so well, but here’s hoping that Kojima Productions can work its magic here. It doesn’t seem like Kojima will be directly involved in the game, but will simply advise from above. Screens and vids to come we hope.