E3 2009 / Rabbids Go Home makes animal abuse fun again

How long could Ubisoft go on about torturing, maiming and permanently disfiguring a rabbid? If your answer was anything less then three minutes, I have disconcerting news for you. The new trailer focuses on character “customization”.

There’s a rabbid in your Wiimote, a tiny little guy waiting for you to abuse and maim. Eyes can be inflated and pulled all around his face, a vice can be fitted on his skull then tightened to the desired effect. Click the A button and your rabbid, I call mine Chance, will stare idly and make clicking noises, as though trying to communicate. Adorable? Sure. Entertaining and charming? Yeah. A touch more sadistic then you’d expect from a series that’s never gotten a rating over E10? Definitely.

In Rabbids Go Home the rabbids have decided to leave. They don’t know where home is and so have decided to ride around in shopping carts collecting stuff to add to a pile that they hope to reach to the moon, which they have decided is their home. For their sake, lets hope they make it.