E3 2009 / Rogue Warrior delivers new trailer, screens

“Washington called this a simple op, but given the chance Murphy calls your bluff. Now my seals are dead. And I finish what I start.” With those melodramatically awesome lines, Rogue Warrior finally made its presence known at E3. And boy, are we chipper.

Rogue Warrior, developed by Rebellion, tells the story of the Dick Marcinko, the leader of a Seal team which presumably is wiped out save for him while on mission in North Korea. Behind enemy lines, and cut off from supplies, Dick uncovers a deep conspiracy involving the USSR and a ballistic missile program. Scary stuff.

The trailer is sharp, edgy, and brutal: just the way we like our stealthy action games. And it comes laced with Rourke’s grainy, pack-a-day voice. From what we can tell from the vid, Rogue Warrior has fully changed from the tactical shooter it was originally conceived as to a lower tech version of Splinter Cell–less goggles and more knives. Sounds good to us.