E3 2009 / Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny trailer – Kratos is coming

It looks like classic Soul Calibur for the first minute of this trailer, with many series favorites returning for another round on the PSP. When the footage really kicks it up a notch however, is the part where Kratos, the God of War shows his face on screen, revealed to be a playable character. The Soul Calibur series has always had special guests, even if 4’s Star Wars characters weren’t too well received, and Sony fans have always had the Ghost of Sparta in their minds when it comes to bonus characters. This is perhaps the most significant character to be added to the game since Link appeared in the GameCube version of Soul Calibur 2.

Kratos, of course uses his Blades of Chaos to slay his opponents, but some of his magical attacks make it in too, such as the Icarus wings he picked up in the secnd game.

Broken Destiny is set to hit PSPs on the 30th Septermber.