Miyamoto wanted to show Wii Zelda at E3 this year

Try as they might to hold Zelda fans over with Sprit Tracks footage, Nintendo knows there is nothing more delicious than sweet glorious full blown console Zelda. That’s even better than an ice cold jug of Lon Lon Milk. No one knows this better than Zelda creator/legend Shigeru Miyamoto, so he was sure to let slip a few details during a Q&A session that Destructoid was nice enough to share with the rest of us.

Miyamoto showed is a single piece of concept art, which can’t be shared, featuring adult Link with a mysterious new female character and a hint that Wii MotionPlus might be involved.

According to Miyamoto, he really wanted to announce the game at this year’s E3, but I suppose he decided against it. Looks like we’re all gonna have to pull a Brooklyn Dodgers and wait till next year.