E3 2009 / Uncharted 2 brings back the fan favorites!

With the Uncharted 2: Among Thieves multiplayer beta going live today, Sony’s PR pump is primed for the release of more details about the game’s single-player campaign, some of which have been revealed in the latest trailer screened at E3 2009. Besides looking and sounding like a slickly-produced preview for a big budget action flick, Naughty Dog’s new footage features the welcome return of Nathan “Nate” Drake’s cigar-chomping compatriot Victor “Sully” Sullivan and wise-cracking newswoman Elena Fisher. The realistic relationships between these characters in the first game is what makes Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune my favorite current-gen title to date – nothing’s come close to matching the brilliant dialogue, though I am hoping that changes once the sequel hits store shelves later this year. Let the cat fight begin!