E3 2009 / BioShock 2 multiplayer screens

We love us some BioShock, we will never deny that fact. So, when we heard about BioShock 2 headed our way, we got all tingly inside and started running around the TVGB offices like kids in a candy store… until these seven new screenshots from the multiplayer portion came along and stole our lollipops.

Looking through the screen grabs tells us a bit about the multiplayer, like the fact we will be able to play as a Big Daddy, a Splicer, and possibly a grown-up Little Sister. We can also see some of the weapons and plasmids we will be using to blast the Adam out of others. Most important, we can see that the graphics need a sizable amount of polish when compared to screens we have seen from the single-player campaign. October is coming up on us fast and we truly want to go back to Rapture, but if these official screenshots are any indication of the final product..well..graphics are definitely not everything in a multiplayer game, but we just want the beautiful decor to look as detailed and pretty as possible.