E3 2009 / Bits of Gladiator A.D. info, but lots of images

Brutal and stylish, High Voltage Software’s Gladiator A.D. is a brawler we can get behind. This is one of several games to come out or be announced recently for the Wii that are meant to up the ante when it comes to violence on console, like The Grinder or MadWorld.

Gladiator A.D. will be have a little taste of RPG to wet your customization whistle, with every character having their own “story” to see in cut-scenes before and after fights, and weapons and armor will be upgradable. Nothing has been confirmed about the playstyle other then it only being possible “on the Wii,” except the glorious brutality that comes with it of course.

Below are a bunch of new images to maul on and another look at the trailer, after the break.

Gladiator A.D. is coming to the Wii only in early MMX, or 2010 for fans of the arabic numerals.