E3 2009 / Day 2 recap

We sadly missed yesterday’s recap but worry not, that just means today’s is twice as good. Listed below are all the good stuff that came out of E3 during its first two days. We got plenty of trailers for the most awesome games coming out this year, plenty of new game announcements, EA pulling a nice PR stunt for Dante’s Inferno, and even some pieces of sadness. What more could the heart desire.

Heavy Rain trailer falls to earth
Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier gameplay trailer
Dreamcatcher at E3
Ratchet & Clank mess with time in a new video
New Castlevania announced
Hands-on at E3 / New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Metal Gear Arcade announced by Kojima
Crysis 2 announcement trailer
The Last Guardian trailer
Rabbids Go Home makes animal abuse fun again
Lost Planet 2 shows us the goods
Uncharted 2 brings back the fan favorites!
No faith in Faith and a .45
EA PR are completely amazing
Hands-on at E3 / The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
Red Steel 2 trailer
Eyes-on at E3 / Darkest of Days
Dementium II brings horror back to the DS
Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny trailer – Kratos is coming
Rogue Warrior delivers new trailer, screens
Fallout 3’s Point Lookout dated, new things to look at offered
WET trailer is gritty yet satisfying
Demon’s Souls exercises website, trailer
Miyamoto wanted to show Wii Zelda at E3 this year
Trico is real, actually called The Last Guardian
James Cameron’s Avatar revealed… Kinda…
Day 1 recap video
Final Fantasy VII now available for $9.99
C.O.P.: The Recruit brings gritty open-world gaming to DS
ModNation Racers lets you make stuff
Resident Evil PSP announced
The Beatles: Rock Band intro blows our minds, collects the bits, snorts them back up through a crazy straw
Final Fantasy XIV Online trailer, teeny tiny deets
Lost Planet 2 confirmed for PS3
Gran Turismo PSP revs up for Oct. release
Gran Turismo 5 gives us some damage
Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake announced for PSP
Eyes-on at E3 / Alpha Protocol
Trailer and mulitplayer details for Crackdown 2
Hands-on at E3 / Bayonetta
Perfect Dark coming to Xbox LIVE
Rockstar’s Agent coming exclusively to the PS3
Hands-on at E3 / Afrika
Assassin’s Creed II gameplay glides into view
Dirt 2 gameplay
EA SPORTS puts submission hold on MMA
Newness on Zelda Spirit Tracks
God of War III dated
Assassin’s Creed II makes murder look pretty
Final Fantasy XIV Online revealed
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker coming to PSP
PSP Go priced, dated
Metroid Other M revealed and shown
Super Mario Galaxy 2 announced
Golden Sun coming to the DS in 2010
DSi counts to one million in Europe
C.O.P: The Recruit for DS
WiiFit Plus coming this fall
New Super Mario Bros. Wii announced for this holiday
Shadow Complex trailer, screens
No More Heroes 2 has sexual innuendo
TMNT Smash-Up brawls its way to our hearts