E3 2009 / Heavy Rain trailer falls to earth

Quantic Dreams’ Heavy Rain is another drop in the bucket (see what we did there?) for all those still debating with themselves about picking up the PS3. Along with The Last Guardian and InFamous, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore what PS3 brings to the table.

I mean look at this new trailer. They’ve got a woman attacked in her underwear, fights with near cinematic quality graphics and a guarantee that no matter what the player does the story will go on. The Origami killer is on the loose, and players must make the cast of characters under their control do whatever it takes to bring him to justice. To what depth will they have to sink? As far as I can tell, beating up junkyard attendees and stripping are the biggest steps players can make in the right direction.

In addition to the trailer (after the break), Sony sent out the bunch of screens you can see below from the game as well.