E3 2009 / PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe trailer

The PSN favorite PixelJunk Monsters is back, and this time on PSP. Dylan Cuthbert, Q-Games’ prez and executive producer, revealed the project last year, but this is the first time solid details have been revealed. First off, this version features the original game, meaning Monsters and Encore are packed in it. Not only that, but there’s 11 new stages to clear on the new Gati Gati Island. These stages are also set to feature new enemies and music tracks. Along with the normal game, trophy challenges return, only now they’re for medals. This could suggest that recent rumours for PSP trophies are fake. Something else that will please fans is that 2-player co-op returns via ad-hoc and infrastructure.

Cuthbert described the package as the “ultimate version” back when he first showed it off, and so far it looks to be living up to that name.