E3 2009 / Splinter Cell Conviction walkthrough demo

Sam Fisher was always a bad ass, we know that and Splinter Cell has been about effective stealth maneuvering and perfect execution. Splinter Cell Conviction is however more about just being a bad ass. Sam Fisher is still as skillful as he was before, but he’s on a mission and a personal one no less. He’s now more aggressive and more lethal than before and not afraid to remove what’s in his way.

In this walkthrough trailer we get to see the new Sam Fisher in search of his daughter’s killer. The action is intense and cinematic at times. The poor innocent man on the toilet doing his crossword puzzle in peace only to be interrupted by an arms dealer’s head bursting through the door. Directly after that we see Sam’s stealth skills in action to remind us that he’s still an elite agent as he moves gracefully through the window picking off two unsuspecting villains. It’s been a while since we’ve had a Splinter Cell game to talk about, but it’s certainly been worth the wait if Splinter Cell Conviction lives up to what we have seen so far, a more bad ass action packed version of the game series we love.

Check out the vid after the break. And I don’t think we’ve yet had the chance to show off these new screens from the game eitehr: