E3 2009 / The Grinder like L4D in more ways than one

When High Voltage’s The Grinder was announced some days ago, the immediate thought was that it was the Left 4 Dead equivalent for the Wii. And that’s not a bad thing — every platform having their own awesome online co-op shooter should be made into a law — but besides letting players grind through hordes of zombies (and werewolves and other very mean things), The Grinder also sports a number of poster-type art that was released during E3. Coincidence? Good marketing rubbing off? Who cares really, they’re awesome!

To accompany the posters are the twenty plus E3 screens and trailer below.

Players can step into the shoes of Hector, a hulking Mexican-American bounty hunter, AJ a spunky urban explorer, Doc the grizzled retired monster hunter, or Miko the Japanese assassin (an interesting group to say the least) holiday season 2010.