Hands-on at E3 / Lost Planet 2 multiplayer

Jordan Fehr, you were dead on. Pretty much as you wrote about Capcom’s brand new trailer for Lost Planet 2, I was standing at a kiosk playing with three others as we made a valiant attempt at taking down one huge creature. I don’t like jumping to conclusions, but this was a damned good time.

What did this creature do to me? To others? I have no idea. I jumped in, and others were shooting it, so I did too. Frankly, reflecting on this whole thing is becoming more in-depth than I initially expected, but that’s ok. The playing was fun, and how it reflects on me as a person is irrelevant. What’s more pressing is that this giant thing, which seemed barely aware of my presence, was gigantic, and came impressively close to stomping me many times. I wasn’t alone, and so we all did the logical thing, we looked for the part of its body that was shiny, which happened to be its knees, and fired away. The whole while, you can’t help but admire the visuals and magnitude. The environment itself was relatively simple with some giant mountainous cliff sides surrounding, and then the creature which as about the size of a modest office building in a metropolitan downtown. “Damn,” is the general reaction.

After a while, the creature made several attempts to crush, maim, and/or eat me. Shooting it, all of a sudden, became less of a moral conundrum. Time went on and we started to shoot off a few of its six legs. Writing in pain, it would wag its gargantuan posterior against a cliffside, which led to a roaring echo of a clash. Again, the magnitude is fantastic. Eventually, we had a chance to jump atop the thing and fire away at its weak exposed spots. Did this kill it? No. It sprouted new legs, my teammates jumped off, leaving me on an angry large monster by myself, and I was firing at new knees. Tired of being lonely, I jumped off to join my mates, only to frantically fire from a different angle. This turned out not being wise, as it wound up leading to our ultimate demise. Our screens went black, and in tandem we read “MISSION FAILED.”

To those familiar with the feel of Lost Planet, you’ll find everything pretty much as it was, right down to your grappling hook. The mech suit is something new, and will certainly add a tactical choice as well as a little bonus dose of badassery that you’ll all likely enjoy. Still, the real fun was working with three others to take the thing down. Even standing next to complete strangers, a compulsion to start communicating and working with them was taking hold, and so I did. That’s when I realized I could pay this game a compliment I don’t pay to very many: I’d play this with my friends.

Can’t wait to see if there’s enough variety to make this a lasting experience, and to just play the full game regardless. Based on what I saw… hats off to Capcom.