Metal Gear solidifies on PSN and Greatest Hits

Despite Hideo Kojima’s claims that he was interested in taking a step back from the franchise that made his name, Metal Gear Solid, he’s in hurry to stop the Solid Snake gravy train any time soon. Konami announced today that Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots will join the illustrious ranks of PlayStation 3’s Greatest Hits line for a reasonable $29.99 on June 16, 2009. Also the original (and some would say best) title, Metal Gear Solid, will appear on PlayStation Network a couple of days later on June 18th for an affordable $9.99.

It’s good news for anybody who hasn’t played either title (shame on you!) to enjoy Snake’s excellent escapades as ancient mustachioed Snake or younger, massive-hair Snake. The releases also come as a little reassurance for Sony fans who felt like their beloved series was abandoning the homestead after Metal Gear Rising was confirmed at this year’s E3. While Raiden might be multiplatform Snake, so far, is staying right where he belongs; it’s the age, he doesn’t like change is his cranky older years.