Step into the spiky boots of evil in Overlord II demo

That malevolent and menacing aura emanating from your Xbox 360 hopefully isn’t impending red ring, but Codemaster’s Overlord II demo, the seal-clubbing, wolf-riding, panda-wrestling sequel to 2007’s Pikmin-esque minion manipulator.

The demo opens several decades after the events of the first game, with a fresh faced Overlad emerging from his underground lair to take charge of the havoc-wreaking horde, unleashing them on the peaceful, and therefore dreadfully dull Empire. The minions are still a blast, with different colored beasties possessing color-coded powers, but this time ’round they’re smarter. And prettier.  In addition to the fresh coat of polish, the sequel promises to improve upon the original with more powers, more missions and more humor from brilliant British game scribe Rhianna Pratchett.

If you need a reason or two to try the demo, there’s ten of them in the video above.