Ice-T eyeballing the videogame game

50 Cent transcended from the rap scene to try his hand at videogames and has been very successful. Blood on the Sand managed to make up for an absolutely ridiculous premise with straightforward and overall fun gameplay as our review suggests. Now it seems Ice-T wants to try his hand in the videogame market with a game of his own.

Speaking on his Ustream feed last evening Ice-T quickly mentioned he has plans for releasing a game. He said he can’t talk about the details right now, but it is something he’s planning. Ice-T has spoken quite openly about his gaming habits by revealing his Gamertag to the world and challenging gamers to take on his clan in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

For the record Ice-T doesn’t play World at War or PS3 and like the rest of us, is waiting for Modern Warfare 2 to release.