Molyneux moves up the ladder

Cutting directly to the chase, Peter Molyneux of Lionhead Studios has been promoted to the creative director of Microsoft Game Studios in Europe. The Fable creator will be taking a new leadership role and overseeing all creative projects from his new position. Phil Spencer, general manager of Microsoft Game Studios explains the move, “The best way for us to make sure our platforms evolve in a way that enables the best creative experiences is to make sure our creative leaders are closely tied into the work that’s going on with the platform team.”

There are tons of other quotes in the original story that basically sum up into ‘we think he’s awesome and will help foster creativity in the studio’ but in a much more long winded manner. We expect that Molyneux will do a lot of over promising and “raising the bar” in his new position at Microsoft, but on a serious note expect him to have a deep involvement in the new Project Natal. We’re not certain what this means for Lionhead Studios or what impact it will have, if any at all, but we’ll be watching and waiting to hear promises of earth shattering changes from Molyneux within Microsoft.