New Nintendo console unlikely for some time

Here we go again with the “this generation may last a while” talk. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has taken time out from diving, Scrooge McDuck-like, into his giant money pool to reveal his thoughts on when we’ll see another Nintendo console. His view? There’s no rush.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Iwata outlined his company’s reluctance to replace the Wii, saying, “If we have an opportunity to make a new console, it will probably support HD because it is now common throughout the world. However, as far as the Wii is concerned, we have not found a significant reason to make it HD-compatible at this time.”

It’s unsurprising, really. Wii’s relatively outdated graphical technology hasn’t stopped it taking over the world, sending a clear message to platform developers that improved visuals aren’t necessarily the way forward. “What is the significant meaning to the users?” said Iwata. “I don’t think we should do it unless we find that reason. If we decide for other reasons to make new hardware, then HD is one of the things we would naturally add.”

Iwata added that his developers will decide when new Nintendo hardware needs to be developed, saying, “As long as they are comfortable with the current technology’s ability to deliver meaningful surprises to the users, we don’t need new hardware. However, when… they see the existing hardware can’t provide what they need, then that is when we decide to launch the new hardware. As for timing, it may be three years from now, five years from now or eight years from now.”

Like we said, we understand the reasoning, but eight years? We’ll all be scooting around on hoverboards by then, right?