Rare all over Project Natal

Rare is all over the Xbox scene already being the force behind the Avatar system released to every Xbox 360 and it looks like their involvement is getting deeper. Being very silent during this E3 extravaganza it has become known that Rare is heavily involved with Microsoft’s latest control schema, Project Natal. Nothing was said about what they’re doing but it was mentioned by Microsoft’s Shane Kim that Rare is around and working with the new controller-free controller project.

“Rare is intimately involved with Project Natal in a number of different dimensions. They’re doing an awful lot of work, even outside the traditional game space, I would say. Unfortunately I can’t go into a lot of detail about that. Rare is alive and well and really having a broader impact on the entire Xbox world than just doing the games they traditionally have in the past,” Kim explains.

If we had to make a stab in the dark, we would put money on it having something to do with the new Avatar system. Perhaps they’re looking to steal some market space from the Wii and their Mii-based sports games? Maybe a motion-based Banjo Kazooie game? We’re still holding out for that sequel and/or remake to Goldeneye..