Sony’s working out what to do with your obsolete UMD collection

Wondering what to do with your collection of UMD’s now that Sony is moving toward UMD-less digital distribution? This is a problem also being pondered by the company’s top brass, who hope to have a plan in place before the new units hit store shelves.

“We are looking into programs for owners who have previously purchased UMD titles and want to exchange them for digital versions,” said Sony Computer Entertainment’s Brian Keltner. “It’s something we are still hammering out the details. As soon as we have solid plans in place we will make an announcement.”

According to Gizmodo, the good-will program will be similar to Portable Copy, which allows Blu-ray movies to be converted to a more PSP-friendly format. I could be on board if they’re talking about allowing us to download free digital versions of games in our existing libraries, akin to the movie industry’s model, but not if they’re talking about trading a physical copy for a virtual one. No matter the industry rhetoric, there will always be a place, and in many gamer’s minds a preference for physical media.