Though we’d like to announce a great PSP Go launch title…

…we can’t claim that this title is great by any stretch of the imagination. Hot on the heals of Sony’s official announcement Playlogic has announced that another version of their game Obscure: The Aftermath will be available for download at launch this fall.

Obscure: The Aftermath is a sequel to 2005’s Obscure and once again follows B-rate horror movie teens in a hallucination filled freak fest. The Aftermath already debuted on the PS2 with little fanfare and the Wii. You may be one of the gamers frustrated by the terrible controls by¬†this one, setting a good example of how easy it is to screw up with motion controls. In fact, if it wasn’t for the controls, The Aftermath actually had a few things going for it with humor, good advertising, good soundtrack¬†and some stomach churning monsters. Having the teens split up and levels built to utilize each character’s abilities was clever, but not enough to forgive the controls.

Now we have a new version on the PSP Go — re-tooled with the PSP Go controls and co-op capabilities in mind. Will The Aftermath have legs to stand on, or fall face down after a few steps? Skipping the motion controls should really help gamers enjoy the game more, and it makes sense to make one last cash-in attempt on a port; but it still may end up scaring at least some loose cash if better games (except for Gran Turismo PSP of course) aren’t ready to go this fall.