E3 2009 / Hot Property! – E3 for Breakfast

The day after E3 has caused us many withdrawals. I know our readers couldn’t get enough of all the news, hands-on, and other previews we had. At the same time, Matthew, Dennis, Charlie, Tommy, and myself had gotten firmly in the routine of working the showrooms, booths, and meetings at E3. The above video represents some of these withdrawals as we struggle to keep our cool, while still trying to discuss what we liked and disliked at E3.

“E3 isn’t afraid of anything, I eat it for breakfast.” – Dennis Lesica, E3 2009 Convention Expo, Booth #7255

Truer words have never been spoken, Dennis. Now, as we fly back to our respective homes and leave this great place known as “LA,” I can’t help but feel a shriek of excitement as the thought of next year’s E3 comes up and we begin the journey again. Thanks for all the kind comments from everyone that enjoyed the video coverage, it means a lot.