EA head envisions one billion players

EA covers plenty of ground, in fact the amount of ground they cover is enough to make even the newest videogame player recognize the name. So it should come as no surprise that they, though more specifically CEO John Riccitiello expects the number of videogame players to grow. In an interview the with Reuters, Riccitiello said he expects the market to grow enormously in the next year or so, “A few years ago, I think there were a couple of hundred million consumer participants in our industry. I think we are going to break a billion in a year or two.”

With EA expanding its reach, emphasizing importance on the PC earlier in the year, there’s no doubt they’re looking towards the casual markets with outlets like their very own EA Pogo. “They are participating in lots of different business models: online casual PC, downloading games to their iPhones,” Riccitiello said. “They are doing micro-transactions on games like FIFA Online.” Challenge everything indeed, EA.