Germans to ban violence

Germany’s Interior Ministers are demanding that the government ban violent videogames before the elections at the end of September. A major part of their argument involves the effect games allegedly have on children. In their translated report they directly referenced the Winnenden shootings of Mar 11, where a 17-year-old gunman killed 15 people before taking his own life.

The Germans have always had it tough when it comes to censorship of games. For instance, in Carmageddon they had the dubious pleasure of mowing down hordes of robots instead of innocent pedestrians. However, there could be more serious consequences for German game developers such as Crytek, who are currently working on Crysis 2. Unless the sequel involves dishing out lollipops to naughty North Koreans, before spanking them on the bottom and sending them on their way, chances are the Ministers will take issues. This could even mean a total relocation for the developers, if the demands are met.

In 50 years or so, expect every game to look a little something like this.