No price cuts makes Bobby Kotick sad

When he’s not overseeing the release of anticipated titles or making sure they don’t get release at all, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick is talking about the need for price cuts on today’s consoles. Talking to Bloomberg, Kotick had his own hopes revolving around the announcements from console manufacturers made at E3. “I was disappointed not to see any sort of aggressive price cutting,” Kotick said, “Of all the things that the hardware companies need to be doing right now, it’s recognising the difficulties of the economy and pricing their hardware appropriately.”

Of course, this is coming from the head of a company that almost rivals Nintendo in the need for additional peripherals, be it the Guitar Hero franchise or the upcoming Tony Hawk Ride, you may need to spend an extra hundred just to get the full experience out of a title. Yes, Activision will need some console price cuts in order to justify the purchase of the $120 Tony Hawk Ride bundle to consumers.