7 days around the MMO world (June 7)

What a week, right? It was a crazy week for us here at TVGB but we made it through only mildly scathed and with only a few tears shed. You might be asking yourself “where was the MMO coverage at!?” and unfortunately aside from the Final Fantasy XIV Online announcement there really wasn’t that much “big” news to share. However, there is plenty to cover in this week’s post-E3 MMO round up.

So it seems we were pretty off base when it came to our MMO predictions for E3. The only thing we were right on is The Agency making a good showing. Everything else was just missing in action, and it’s a shame really. Guild Wars 2 gameplay would have made our heads explode. Maybe next year.

Speaking of The Agency, Massively.com got to sit down and get some hands-on time with the cross-platform spy MMO. We see two people one playing on the PC the other on a PS3, impressive already! The gameplay looks pretty fun, we get to see a mission performed where the two spies try to enter a building without setting off the alarm. They use fair amount of tricks and tools to incapacitate guards and fool trip devices. They also show the alias outfit system in action. When you switch your outfit, your whole persona changes to reflect what your wearing and fool your enemies. So far the The Agency looks to be shaping into a fun spy MMO, too bad we have to wait until next year to play it.

Aion has jumped into hype mode for Europe and North America as the first beta event began this weekend. The game has already been released with great success in the Asian markets and the “WoW killer” term is beginning to fly around again. Aside from the first beta event NCSoft announced the Limited Collector’s Edition for the upcoming release later this year. The CE comes with the usual; posters, soundtracks, making of DVDs and the likes. The prices for the big box of Aion swag will run you about US$69.99/£54.99, a small price to pay for awesomeness.

Aion is shaping up to hopefully be a big success. It’s by far one of the best looking MMORPGs to date and to top that off, it has flying combat. How do you beat that? The gameplay is much more action oriented than traditional MMOs and almost has a fighting game feel to it. The developers claim that the since there is alot of player vs player action in it, that it will be more skill based than ability based. So that means that you’re fighting less against numbers and more against the actual player. The gameplay trailers look promising, and we hope the end result is as big of a home run in North America and Europe as it has been in Asia.

While we were covering the Sony E3 presentation, they showed off some gameplay of the GTA style MMO called APB. The character customization alone looked amazing, putting even the City of Heroes system to shame. The game centers around criminals and law enforcement and players will pick either side, a slight spin on the typical dual faction setup. It looks like the world is persistent but will consist of instance server with only 100 players and 1000 civilians in one space at a time. We’re interested to see how APB plays out moving forward and how well a GTA style MMO works.

Although Activision Blizzard was at E3 this year, none of Blizzard proper’s games made a showing, and that is to be expected due to fact that they will have their own get together come August in the form of BlizzCon. But, that doesn’t mean Blizzard isn’t busy supporting WoW. Last week we showed you the preview for the bear form changes coming the Druid’s way. This week Blizzard has revealed the new cat form look as well. Also, this weekend is the MLG competition in Columbus where lots of competitive arena PvP is going on. If you’re interested in what professional World of Warcraft playing looks like, check out MMO Champion to catch one of the live shout cast feeds or highlights from the event.

In other MMO news: