Comparing Trico and The Last Guardian trailers

When Sony finally unveiled the “first” ever trailer for The Last Guardian during their E3 press conference, I have to admit my excitement and sense of wonderment was a tad muted. I mean, the video did look awfully familiar. You know, kind of like that one leaked trailer from the week before. I was half convinced that the leaked video was a Sony ploy to set us all up for something drastically different for the final game, something that would have us all talking for awhile more. Instead the finalized trailer was just the leaked video, only more polished and with a new title.

Seems Joystiq noticed and they put together a comparison video of the leaked Trico trailer and The Last Guardian. Though undoubtedly one of the better trailers at E3, you can see that it really isn’t significantly different than a video that’s supposedly nearly two years old. In fact, a few items (like the monster’s feet crushing the pavement) looks inferior in the new build. Still, one of the prettiest games ever made in my opinion and I’ve been told (sources undisclosed) that my opinion is great.