Kratos gets a-head…

Pardon the sub-Roger Moore pun, it was too hard to resist. This God Of War III video is doing the rounds on the interweb, and even though I’ve seen it several times already, it never gets old. The scene in question is where Kratos meets a wounded Helios, the personification of the sun in Greek mythology. Helios has apparently been a naughty boy and spread rumours involving Kratos’ mom and a wild boar. Kratos decides to get his own back by…well, just check the video out if you haven’t seen it yet. Now that’s using your head!

The scene also shows off the new ‘mounting’ mechanic, which Kratos uses to temporarily take control of a beastie. He clambers on the back of a cyclops and digs his blades into the back of its skull, twisting them to force the hapless creature to batter any nearby guards into bloody piles of mush. Job done, Kratos then tears the cyclops’ eyeball out with his bare hands. I pity the cleaners who have to mop up the mess.