Left 4 Dead 2 protest group nearing 14,000 members

Instead of a perpetual state of glee that Valve probably envisioned their announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 would elicit, a lot of fans are more than a bit peeved. So peeved that they started a group over at Steam that, as of this writing, is closing in on 14,000 angry, unsatisfied members. Chief amongst their complaints are (ripped straight from the home page):

  • Significant content for L4D was promised, and never delivered
  • Valve put little faith in L4D since they almost certainly started working on L4D2 right after release
  • The fact that L4D2 is nearly identical to L4D will decimate the community for both games
  • The announced date is not nearly enough time to polish content or make significant gameplay changes
  • The new character designs seem bland and unappealing so far
  • L4D2 is too bright to fit in with L4D‘s visual aesthetic
  • The fiddle-based horde music is extremely disliked, though the differently orchestrated music is otherwise welcome
  • L4D2‘s release will result in a drop in quality and frequency for L4D content, even compared to before
  • The community has lost faith in Valve’s former reputation for commitment to their games post-release

Thems fighting bullet points! Also, the video below may or may not be related.