Sony isn’t comfortable with price dropping at E3

Continuing from the sadness that took over the head of Activision a few days ago, we now at least have some sort of answer as to why Sony didn’t announce any price cuts at E3: it just wasn’t the appropriate place to do it. “From our perspective, this show is all about content,” said Peter Dille to Kotaku, “We believe that our content story is unrivaled. It’s really a relentless line-up of great exclusive games that will speak volumes to the value inherent in the PS3. Obviously people come to E3 expecting all sorts of announces. We’ve got a plan in place for the platform. A price drop at the show wasn’t part of it.”

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait for Sony to decide the proper place to drop some prices. Sony may have the most expensive console on the market but with a strong line-up for the future, including some promising motion controls, it should perform well against its competitors even if they are less expensive.