Brütal Legend video shows off the whole cast of rockers

We have no idea what is going on with Brutal Legend right now. Earlier, the game was feared lost to mergers and acquisitions at Activision Blizzard, then got put on life support when EA picked it up. Everything seemed good to go when Tim Schafer showed the game at this year’s E3, but just last week a lawsuit was filed because the game has not been released yet. While it may make sense in the business world to sue someone for a delayed release, thereby possibly delaying it even more, it makes us want to sue someone with a series of punches to the facial area, especially after we watch the video above.

Joining Jack Black on his quest in Brütal Legend will be some familiar faces in the metal world. Ozzy Osbourne will play the part of the Guardian of Rock, as he should, and Lita Ford heads a female warrior group that looks to be an excuse for breasticle use, but we are not complaining. Add to that duo the awesome Lemmy Kilmister just hanging out and being Lemmy, and Rob Halford in two roles, and you have a rocking cast.

And a beer tree – the definition of win.