Burnout Paradise’s Big Surf Island priced

What would you pay for a piece of downloadable Burnout Paradise content that comes with nine new vehicles, a huge new map and piles of new challenges and secrets to discover? If you said just over $12 then you’re right. The Big Surf Island DLC will be 1000 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live or $12.99 on the PSN, a pretty large price when it comes to DLC  but then again it’s a pretty large chunk or DLC.

Purchasers of the Big Surf will also get a new license specific to the DLC that players will once again have to earn points on to work up through the ranks and unlock new cars. Since the whole game is currently going for about $20 new, it might feel weird to spend $13 on a comparable dollop of content; just embrace it as one of the best supported games on a console in a long time.

Big Surf Island will be available to download on the PS3 and Xbox 360 on June 11th. That’s this Thursday folks! To spend the time, there’s a new 8-minute guide of the island to watch above.