Mini Ninjas come packin’

When ninjas attack, mini or not, they attack in full force as evidenced by the load of screenshots, artwork, and videos Eidos has released of the IO Interactive-developed Mini Ninjas game. The images (10 below and all 77 in our Mini Ninjas gallery) and three videos show us mini ninjas Hiro, Futo and Suzume in a number of environments ranging from the snowy Ski Hill Pass to the lush Bamboo Forest doing what all ninjas of the miniature kind (apparently) do — kicking samurai butt, drinking potions, striking the occasional pose, and looking effin adorable in the process.

The first two of the three videos, a trailer and a Hiro vignette, are both beautifully executed, with the third, a gameplay video showing Hiro in action, not far behind on the awesome scale, mainly thanks to the 1:20 mark.

Let’s just hope developing all this ninja cutesiness — set for a September release on the Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Wii, and DS by the way — isn’t taking too much time away from the next Hitman game.


Mini Ninjas Trailer

Hiro vignette

Hiro in-game