Your DS will be visited by three ghosts

This Holiday season Disney is reviving a treasured classic with Disney’s A Christmas Carol on the DS this November. Players will be tasked with guiding Scrooge (not McDuck) in an interactive storybook-style adventure/puzzler. Interacting with memorable characters like the highly abused Bob Crachet and poor Tiny Tim will be done using the stylus or the DS microphone.

The graphics really do go for that storybook feel and there will be plenty of cut-scenes to show it off, but Disney is offering so much more than a beloved story. This game will come with a real-time advent calendar that will unlock extra surprises in-game for every day it is played leading up to Christmas. It will also have players singing carols, decorating ornaments and provides cooking recipes–all from the Victorian era. The whole family is invited to join in for the “pass the DS” multiplayer mode.

Sounds nice to see a new way to experience such a classic story. Oh wait, it turns out this is actually a movie tie-in game. The 3D animated film stars Jim Carrey as Ebenezer Scrooge and is being penned by Robert Zemeckis. Ok, so good opportunity for a new Christmas movie, but for now all bets are off on the game. Unless of course the game requires 3D glasses, which would put it in line for best game ever!