APB has some crazy character customization

APB is the upcoming GTA style MMO — which is incidentally coming from the creator of the GTA series — and it looks like the promised robust character customization features is being delivered. If you’ve played City of Heroes at all then you’ll know how much fun a really deep character creation tool can be. You can easily spend hours upon hours creating characters. It’s that The Sims complex that drives us to create houses for hours on end, but only with characters in this case.

Robust is a great word for APB’s creation tool. You can pretty much tweak, prod and poke your character until the final product is exactly what your mind envisioned. The quality of the graphics also make this particular character creation feature more exciting than others. Because the graphics are really nice, the amount of detail the models have give players an unprecedented amount of options to play with. The tattooing system alone is better than anything we’ve seen before. You can layer and design tattoos that will be so unique that it would be impossible for anyone else to have one like it. If the rest of the game is as good as the character creation tool, APB will turn out to be a pretty damn good title.