Xbox 360’s details

That E3 thing was one heck of a ride but, with gaming news seeping out of our pores like bad alcohol after an all night bender, there are still things we need to find out and share with the world. One of the many questions we have about this whole new direction in which Microsoft is pointing the good ship Xbox 360 is concerning the integration. Fortunately, Kotaku broke it down Fisher-Price style for us, so let’s get to the deets.

Available later this year for free to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers, will reside on the Xbox 360 dashboard and will work just like the PC version. We will be able to browse artists and tracks right from the dashboard and even create our own station for others to listen to. While browsing, we can make custom playlists, share them and other recommendations with friends through the party radio function. We can even view artist pages, complete with band photos, information, and other minutiae about the artist.

Nothing has been said as to whether the stations can be used as in game soundtracks, or why our NetFlix accounts cannot be added the same way, but we will keep an ear out.