Eyes-on at E3 / Just Cause 2

I have to admit, a bit of my thunder on this behind-closed-doors session has been stolen by the fact that the ten minute video of gameplay being shown off Just Cause 2 is pretty much exactly what they showed to us all. All the same, that video was so cool that I can’t NOT write some impressions down… or let down the good PR people who allowed me the time to cover their up-and-comer.

I’ll admit, this game was not at all on my radar until the day I stepped into that room where Avalanche Studios designers and Eidos marketers were on hand to show us the goods, as it were. I never even played the first game, and I won’t lie… the reviews painted a very unimpressive game to me. Lots of places to go, but not a whole lot to do seemed to be the general consensus. A little ten minute demo didn’t quite get a chance to show whether or not the game would keep us busy as we traverse its ~400 square mile territory that you can navigate with a promised lack of load times, but if they can keep us busy like they do in those ten minutes… well let me just say the game is now a noteworthy blip on my starting-to-get-crowded radar.

While live and in person offered a still-similar experience to the one listed there, they did mention that the story is going to involve Rico working, to some extent, against his will, and that whole helicopter segment was handled a bit differently. It had a little less finesse to it, but it was cool to watch the situation handled in two completely different ways.

Rico’s agility and different ways of causing chaos just look like they can be an absolute blast, and the sheer magnitude of the game world suggests there’s much to cause. I do hope, however, that this doesn’t run out of steam too quickly. While everything shown to us was great, and even earned them an applause from us press in the room, it’s easy to imagine a game that gets a little too high on its crazy grappling and parachuting. But then again… in that instance of watching said grapples and chutes, jumping on cars, tethering objects and people, jumping out of crashing boats, and launching rockets while descending from a parachute… this is the kind of unrealistic madness that can make for some great entertainment. We just have to see how they do with those missions now. Can’t wait. This one’s a PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 release for 2010. Looking forward.