Koei busy (not) releasing games

Just a few bits of news today coming out of Koei: Apparently Team Ninja takes its name literally, as it turns out that along with the gaming public, even their own company Koei didn’t know that Metroid: Other M was in development. When Koei was in the midst of getting its fusion-ha! on with Tecmo, Nintendo made Tecmo swear not to tell its partner about its new Metroid game. Ooh, very sneaky, Nintendo (makes me wonder what else your hiding…). Metroid: Other M is slated for 2010.

Speaking of Tecmo and Nintendo, it seems that Fatal Frame IV still won’t see the light of day outside of Japan. The Wii-survival horror game places a camera in the hands of the player to snap away scary ghosts and find clues to solve a mystery. But all that shouldn’t matter to us, ’cause we’re not getting it anytime soon. Sigh.

And it looks like Koei won’t be bringing Warriors Orochi Z stateside. A Koei rep, confirmed news that the plans for a North American PS3 release is now on hold. For gamers not in the know, the two previous Warriors Orochi titles is a crossover hack-and-slash featuring characters from Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. They made it to North America for the PS2, but something tells me that not many of us will be too bummed about the absence of a third installment.