Real-life Ryu reenacts game’s car-smashing bonus round

The fact that this video of a real-life Ryu, reenacting Street Fighter II‘s car-beating bonus round, includes a shot of the camera itself reeks of viral advertising, but that makes this no less strangely satisfying to watch. Headlight punching. Door ripping. Window smashing. Roof flopping. And all to the sweet strains of Rage Against the Machine. This homage to the greatest fighting franchise ever to grace arcades is both terrible and brilliant, effectively doubling the adjectives I’d use to describe Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.

On second viewing, I see our car-hating hero has SSD written on the back of his otherwise pristine gi and H106 on the front, meaning this is most definitely an advertisement for Samsung’s SSD Camcorder H106, the world’s first 64GB SSD HD camcorder available now for just $900 from Amazon.

You can go ahead make the check out to “Cash,” Samsung.