Assassin’s Creed II to offer more variety than its predecessor

As somebody who came late to Assassin’s Creed, the scars of the game’s repetitive gameplay run deeper in me than most. Assassinate, eavesdrop, intimidate, find a squillion flags; boil the experience down and that’s pretty much all there was on offer. Lucky for me then that Ubisoft have addressed my fears and said that Assassin’s Creed II will be far more unpredictable and varied.

Speaking to Now Gamer, Ubisoft’s Sebastien Puel said, “We are now telling a story in a way that is intended to be very unpredictable. There are no more ‘x assassinations’ to perform but a story that develops through a great amount of mission givers.” Puel continued, “Some will give you an assassination mission, others an intimidation or information-gathering mission. There is no limit now to the types of challenges we can give to players. We are very careful to create a lot of variation in the types of gameplay and pace we are proposing.”

Puel went on to say that even the combat had had a bit of an overhaul. “The combat system is based on the first game, but with much more possibilities and strategy behind every encounter. Players won’t be able to simply button mash, killing guard after guard. There will be more thinking involved due to the new different guard archetypes and weapons; you will have to strategically plan your every move.”

Sounds promising. Assassin’s Creed II is released worldwide on Nov. 17.