Pachter changes mind on ‘rip-off’ PSP Go

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter has changed his mind regarding the pricing of PSP Go. Pachter had previously gone on record saying that Sony were “ripping off” consumers over the $249 price-point for the handheld console. However, back-pedaling quicker than Lance Armstrong in reverse, Pachter’s had a rethink.

Speaking to Kotaku, Pachter said, “…Sony is right to charge what the market will bear. The fact is that Sony has been subsidizing the cost of the PS3 since launch, so to say that they are ‘ripping off’ consumers now is not really fair, and if I could retract the statement, I would do so.”

Sorry, Mr Pachter, we’re not sure if we follow you. Are you saying that because Sony are taking a hit on PlayStation 3 (like they always have with PlayStation hardware), we should overlook the steep pricing of the PSP Go? Or are you saying that if we buy a PS3 and a PSP Go, our ripped off-ness will be balanced? Your logic evades us.

Perhaps “Oh shit, let’s see if I can get myself out of this spot of bother with Sony as quick as possible,” would be a better translation?