Sloane and MacHale, the poor man’s Professor Layton

Now that Professor Layton has proved a hit, developer Level-5 is looking build upon their puzzle-based empire with a series of budget-priced head-scratchers, the first of which will be Sloane and MacHale’s Mysterious Stories.

Just as the Professor Layton games are based on Akira Tago’s successful series of logic puzzle books, Sloan and MacHale will be based on the lateral thinking puzzle books co-authored by Paul Sloane and Des MacHale. But unlike Layton‘s logic puzzles, Sloane and MacHale’s lateral thinking puzzles will require a fair amount of detective work, it’s scenarios a challenging blend between puzzles and stories minus some salient details. Your job is to fill in the blank spots by selecting and stringing together keywords to form “yes” or “no” questions, coming to the correct response through a process of deduction.

Right now Sloane and MacHale’s Mysterious Stories is only available as an import, presenting would-be puzzlers with the added challenge of translating Japanese, but it doesn’t take a detective to figure out that a stateside release won’t be far behind should the title prove popular in its native country.