Staff of Kings to feature co-op nursing home style

Lucas Arts has released a new trailer for Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings to show off the co-op gameplay. For the first time in an Indy game players will be able to take on the Nazis with a friend. Indy has had many sidekicks and partners during his storied career, and almost any of them would make a great partner for this new game. However, in their attempt to make this the greatest Indy game ever, they went with the most recognizable (non-Short Round) character — his faja.

That’s right, in another first for the series, gamers can take on the role of the Senior Dr. Jones to help solve puzzles and fight baddies. The game footage continues to look fantastic and co-op just makes the game that much better. Indy could always use the help in a bar fight anyway and the vehicle sections could be great once players stop arguing about who gets to drive.

However, is it just me or does anyone else think that Dr. Jones Sr. is a bad choice for co-op in an action adventure Indiana Jones title? Sure he’s an archaeologist, a cool character and who doesn’t like Sean Connery, right? Damn that man is sexy. But remember, this is a character whose best fighting tactic was chirping like a bird and flapping an umbrella. You might as well play as Marcus Brody and try killing everyone with a pen. It’s just hard to imagine gunplay and whip-cracking with a guy that orders from the senior menu at Denny’s. If what Matt Shell of LucasArts says is true, that this is our game and we should do what Indy would do, then I think I’d be looking for a new sidekick — someone a lot younger. Someone with breasticles. Yeah, breasticles.