The Minis March to this trailer

Here’s a short trailer to go along with the previously announced Mario Vs. DK: The Minis March Again! The game looks very similar to Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis, which was really only for the hardcore puzzle or Mario enthusiast. However, this time around players are unable to control the Minis once they start marching like the awesomely mustached lemmings they are. The level editor and ability to share with friends over the Wi-Fi service could certainly give this budget title legs to run on, as players try to create puzzles capable of exploding peoples’ heads. Remember that scene from Scanners?

Gamers that loved the first one are sure to get a kick the second time around, but for just 800 points even more casual gamers may give it a shot. This DSiWare puzzler is available for download now.