Get your photo game face on in Fight Night Round 4

In a recent discussion about boxing, a close friend said, “Manny Paquiao is the coolest. Did you know they put civil war on pause to watch his matches in his native country?” To that I responded, “I know, right? He’s totally got like 5 overall points on Ricky Hatton in Fight Night Round 4.” Needless to say, I don’t know much about the sport of dudes punching each other, but I do know that putting your face on dudes in videogames sounds pretty awesome to me.

In a new video from the guys over at EA Sports, Producer Mike Mahar walks us through the new create-a-boxer features in the upcoming Fight Night. Not only is the level of customization greater than ever, but now you can even upload a photo of your face (or the face of your worst enemy) and have it lovingly rendered on the head of your creation. This isn’t just for show either, as when your life-like avatar enters the ring, smiling and waving at the virtual crowd, that sucker punch from your opponent will bruise and bloody your face just as badly as the rest of the pugilists in the game. I’ll let Mahar explain the rest. Check it out above.