Square Enix and Eidos collaboration?

With UK publisher Eidos’ being taken over by Japanese powerhouse Square Enix (in a move I personally never saw coming and still boggles my mind) the questions now center around what the heck Squenix is going to do with all of their new IPs. Many of which aren’t exactly profitable given Eidos’ current situation. When asked about the possibilities of future cross-developer collaboration, Eidos CEA Phil Rogers says in a Gamasutra interview, “certainly, we look at the broad exploitation and management of IP expertise at Square Enix, so the potential to further IPs in that direction is quite clear.”

“We’re trying to create a very strong studio structure now within Eidos, and have a lot of good exchange and great competition, and I think with that trust we’ll see that information on IP exchange. So, you know, I hope we do. I hope we do.”

So, when can I expect my leather and belt buckle emblazoned Lara Croft?