360 and PS3 haven’t been maxed out says Criterion

Last week we got some insight from Patrick Soderlund, Senior VP of EA Games Europe that the Xbox 360 has been maxed out and the PlayStation 3 still had awhile until it would see its full potential. Now, technical director Richard Parr of the EA-owned development studio Criterion says such claims aren’t indicative of pushing hardware to the limit, “That’s proof that you’re not the best,” Parr said. “It means you’re out of ideas.”

“You always find new ways to do things, the constraints lift. Not just with a new console generation but with every game you do,” commented senior engineer Alex Fry. “Whether it’s a sequel or whether it’s a new game, you learn to do things differently…better. The constraints go away because you learn. While it’s nice to say you’ve maxed something out, there’s not really any point.” Hard to say if anyone has truly maxed out either platform, especially when the goal is optimize your game as much as possible to bring about the smoothest performance, but who else to refute those claims other than Criterion?