Nintendo thought the competition would arrive sooner

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata may be the head of a company that is leading the console and handheld realm but when it comes to predicting other things like the reveal of motion controllers from his competitors, he’s completely off. “To tell the truth, I expected them to come up with stuff like this last year. So in my mind they’re later than expected.” Yeah, how’s that for some executive trash talk! In fact, Iwata’s not even going to worry, even going as far as saying to the competition, “Welcome to the motion-control world!”

Microsoft and Sony may have introduced hardware that could knock some of Nintendo’s market share but it’s the thought that counts according to Iwata discussing the concept of motion controls, “We are happy that it is now becoming an industry standard. However, we still have no idea about when their products will be available, or how much they will cost, or what sort of software they will be used with.” New motion challenges may have entered the arena but that doesn’t mean Iwata will continue to operate business as usual, saying, “they should bear in mind that over the next year Nintendo will not be standing still. I am actually looking forward to engaging in that sort of competition, because it gives our whole industry the chance to expand the gaming population.” Strong words.